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Individuals and companies have learned what history has demonstrated all along — that people or groups with carefully defined missions have always led and surpassed those who have none. ~ The Path.


Whether we are the migrant worker turning in our last basket of freshly picked fruit, or the CEO who knows that she is only as good as her most recent quarterly report, each of us must constantly face two questions: Where now, and what next?

The Path is designed to help you ‘Get the facts, Get your Mission, and Tune Your Voice.  Each week, the Path Course will show you how to embrace exactly what you were created to become or share with the world.  Everyone has a mission and a voice.  We are here to bring it forth. 


You can begin the Path Online Course today.  

Work at your own pace during the week and then join the Live Path Coaching calls each Thursday to work the process face to face with a Path Coach and other participants who are discovering their path.  Everything you need to know about what to do next is defined in the next click.  Follow the link below, add your name to get started and then follow the prompts in the email that arrives in your inbox.  It is that simple.

We meet every Thursday at 4:00 PST via the Zoom link details inside the course.  It’s what we do!  We meet people where they are on their path to craft mission and message and release their voice.

The Path Online Course takes six to eight weeks to complete.  You can take less time or stay as long as you need.  One thing is for sure.  We want to move your mission forward.  We won’t rush you and we won’t delay you.  Follow the process as it unfolds for you.  This is about your mission and purpose.  Get clear.  Have fun.  Meet some great influencers and mentors along the Path!  These are the champions and connections who want to see your purpose unfurl!


If you desire to become a PathCoach, one who leads the Path Transformational Experience, this is also where you will begin.  First, take the Path Course, join the live Path Coaching sessions each Thursday, and then move into our Train-the-Trainer program.  Once you become trained you will be a Licensed Member of the Path Process giving you access to content, branding, and program materials to lead your own Path Experiences.

Both the Path Experience and the Path Train-the-Trainer offers an affordable subscription plan that makes it easy to get started and complete Path Programs.


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