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When there is an urging, a prompting that you believe to be true, it doesn’t hurt anything to get the facts around it.  In fact, this is a wise part of the refining process.

Look at humanity itself.  Everyone one of us, all of us, started small.

With a basic set of 23 chromosomes and basic core of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.   Those are the facts.

Now, what we do with them…becomes an act of exploration and Co-Creation.

Don’t be afraid of the facts.  They may help refine you and turn the results into what they were always, ultimately, meant to be.

Whether we are the migrant worker turning in our last basket of freshly picked fruit, or the CEO who knows that she is only as good as her most recent quarterly report, each of us must constantly face two questions: Where now, and what next?

The Path is designed to help you ‘Get the facts, Get your Mission, and Tune Your Voice.  Each week of the Path Course will show you how to embrace exactly what you were created to be in the world.  Everyone has a mission and a voice.  We are here to bring it forth. 

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