The Path of Spring

Just finished the March Path Series.  It was once again, one of the best things about being a Path Coach! The opportunity to walk alongside brave and courageous women.  Women who desire to experience fulfillment and joy.  Women who believe that what was birthed in them in the beginning of life somehow makes its way back to us and begs to be released. 


The Path allows the heart and soul to pour forth in ways that deep calls to deep.  There’s something really significant about our desire to bring forth our purpose into the world, our passion, and our one thing that beats inside our chest on a regular basis.


As the Path process unfolds inside the structure of clearing exercises, coaching and weekly conversations, personal mission is revealed.  


It allows a person to look deep, look back and forward all while standing in a beautiful garden of support and encouragement with others who are interested in hearing your mission and...

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