Second Wind

Second Wind 

Churning Burning Yearning Learning

Raging Staging Gauging Sage-ing

A maelstrom of emotions surges through our veins as COVID, protests, demonstrations, wildfires, smoke and haze fill our days.

An election is upon us.  Unpredictability surrounds us.  Friends battle cancer, heart attacks and despair.

Recently a five year old child I adore had a complete temper meltdown.  She was tired from traveling and having no routineand suddenly she just lost it when her parents told her to turn off the TV.  She kicked.  She screamed.  She struck out at those trying to console and control her as they carried her upstairs to her room.

Id never seen her behave like that, but she is after all only five years old.  Her yelling eventually subsided and finally we adults could have our socially distanced conversations.

Thirty minutes later she came bouncing down the stairs, a great big smile on her face.  She jumped into her mother...

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