The Path Course May 2020 Series

Last week we wrapped up the Path Course May 2020 series with amazing women from around the globe!

North Carolina

The friendships, connection and encouragement that was crafted, and shaped during this six week series is one that will last for many years to come. The Path experience and process lends itself to the exploration and imagination of what is possible when women put their mind towards their voice, their story and passion. Gathering each week to focus on personal mission and purpose using The Path tools is one of the best ways to get clear and create movement in your life.


Recent Path Course Participant

“Thank you to the coaches and each woman who participated in The Path Course. It has truly been a special journey for me. We did this via zoom and I felt incredibly inspired and connected each time we met. Having solidified my mission I feel a renewed sense of purpose. I would definitely recommend taking the The Path Course.” Tracy G


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