Pretend you are Michelangelo

michelangelo purpose vision Apr 26, 2021

Pretend that you are Michelangelo, and you find yourself standing before a block of hand-selected, but rough-cut, marble.  As you begin to chip away the stone, think about what your David or vision of inspired creativity will look like.


What is it that must be chipped away?

What is the tool, or tools, you will be using?

How often are you working on your statue?

Who comes to visit you while you are working?

What do they say as they see you at work?

What would you like them to say?

What could keep you from completing the statue?

What else might keep you from completing it?

How long are you willing to work on the statue?

How are you feeling while you are working on it?

How do you stay focused on its creation?

What kind of support do you need to finish it?


Sometimes holding a mission or vision for a really long time without releasing it can feel like a heavy weight to carry forward.  Unless we lay it down and park our vision for a season, we in fact are carrying...

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