The Family Mission Statement

This week the Harvard Business Review shared their insights about a family mission statement.  I will add the link here in this email as well.

What caught my attention during this time of Covid is that they were actually pointing to something that can bring families closer, strengthen their relationships, and also give each other time to think about personal mission as well as their family mission.  

The article points towards the benefits of a family mission and why it is important to spend some time thinking about your families ‘presence’ and ‘essence’ in your home, community and the world.

We believe that when you take the time to get clear about why you are here and what you have to bring to your family, your community and those around you, that you will also begin to see your children, their children, and each family as having a significant purpose in this world.

The Path is one of the most enlightening experiences for shaping and clarifying...

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