The Power of Words

One of the most important things we can do for others—and for ourselves—is to create and maintain an atmosphere charged with positive prophecies. While not all of us were fortunate enough to have parents or grandparents or families who gave us positive prophecies about ourselves, I believe that God always offers a compensating balance of grace to us. I believe that somewhere, sometime, someone offered you a positive prophecy about yourself. Perhaps it was a comment that shocked or surprised you. Perhaps it was an observation that you automatically dismissed out of foot-shuffling humility. But if you think back, I would be willing to bet that you can remember some encouragement that had been given to you—a compliment that, if believed, could be used as a key to unlock your destiny.

In a Path workshop a woman shared that she grew up in poverty in New York, but would always find her way to one of the office buildings that had a fancy elevator. “The woman who ran...

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The Meaning of Your Name

Moses was like many people who made an impulsive attempt to accomplish a goal in their youth, and then gave it up to lead a life very far removed from their original dream. Moses, whose name means “to be drawn out,” was raised in luxury in Pharaoh’s palace, having been rescued from the reeds by Pharaoh’s daughter. Despite the grandeur of his surroundings, Moses knew in his heart that he was a Jew, and when he was a young man he became incensed over the treatment of his kinsmen.


The journey Moses then undertook has been made famous through thousands of years of retelling. He led his people across the Red Sea, carved out the Ten Commandments, set up judicial law, and put up with a lot of grumbling. He taught and guided the people for another forty years. Before his death he was led up to the mountain overlooking Canaan, and shown the valley where the people were to be ultimately settled.

The man whose name meant “to draw out” had fulfilled...

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Pretend you are Michelangelo

michelangelo purpose vision Apr 26, 2021

Pretend that you are Michelangelo, and you find yourself standing before a block of hand-selected, but rough-cut, marble.  As you begin to chip away the stone, think about what your David or vision of inspired creativity will look like.


What is it that must be chipped away?

What is the tool, or tools, you will be using?

How often are you working on your statue?

Who comes to visit you while you are working?

What do they say as they see you at work?

What would you like them to say?

What could keep you from completing the statue?

What else might keep you from completing it?

How long are you willing to work on the statue?

How are you feeling while you are working on it?

How do you stay focused on its creation?

What kind of support do you need to finish it?


Sometimes holding a mission or vision for a really long time without releasing it can feel like a heavy weight to carry forward.  Unless we lay it down and park our vision for a season, we in fact are carrying...

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The Path of Spring

Just finished the March Path Series.  It was once again, one of the best things about being a Path Coach! The opportunity to walk alongside brave and courageous women.  Women who desire to experience fulfillment and joy.  Women who believe that what was birthed in them in the beginning of life somehow makes its way back to us and begs to be released. 


The Path allows the heart and soul to pour forth in ways that deep calls to deep.  There’s something really significant about our desire to bring forth our purpose into the world, our passion, and our one thing that beats inside our chest on a regular basis.


As the Path process unfolds inside the structure of clearing exercises, coaching and weekly conversations, personal mission is revealed.  


It allows a person to look deep, look back and forward all while standing in a beautiful garden of support and encouragement with others who are interested in hearing your mission and...

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Second Wind

Second Wind 

Churning Burning Yearning Learning

Raging Staging Gauging Sage-ing

A maelstrom of emotions surges through our veins as COVID, protests, demonstrations, wildfires, smoke and haze fill our days.

An election is upon us.  Unpredictability surrounds us.  Friends battle cancer, heart attacks and despair.

Recently a five year old child I adore had a complete temper meltdown.  She was tired from traveling and having no routineand suddenly she just lost it when her parents told her to turn off the TV.  She kicked.  She screamed.  She struck out at those trying to console and control her as they carried her upstairs to her room.

Id never seen her behave like that, but she is after all only five years old.  Her yelling eventually subsided and finally we adults could have our socially distanced conversations.

Thirty minutes later she came bouncing down the stairs, a great big smile on her face.  She jumped into her mother...

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The Family Mission Statement

This week the Harvard Business Review shared their insights about a family mission statement.  I will add the link here in this email as well.

What caught my attention during this time of Covid is that they were actually pointing to something that can bring families closer, strengthen their relationships, and also give each other time to think about personal mission as well as their family mission.  

The article points towards the benefits of a family mission and why it is important to spend some time thinking about your families ‘presence’ and ‘essence’ in your home, community and the world.

We believe that when you take the time to get clear about why you are here and what you have to bring to your family, your community and those around you, that you will also begin to see your children, their children, and each family as having a significant purpose in this world.

The Path is one of the most enlightening experiences for shaping and clarifying...

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A Resilient Path

When we think about the sheer exhaustion that many people are feeling on a daily basis we have to stop and think about who needs us and how is my mission and purpose essential in the world right now.

Some need rest.

Some need wholeheartedness.

Some need a tribe.

Some need to refine and define their calling.


From a Path participant from the May Path 2020 Series: 

"Through the understanding of the Elements and my personal elemental makeup, the Path course led me on a journey of breakthrough, clarity and God-given purpose. Discovering and fine-tuning a personal mission statement has equipped me with a new vision and awareness in both career and life." Genie R.


One thing is for certain.  There are no quick fixes.  This is why personal mission is so important.  It is the guide, glue, and grace needed to stay the course and foster resilience in your purpose and those who need what you bring to the world.  

Today we close the July Path Course...

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The Path Course May 2020 Series

Last week we wrapped up the Path Course May 2020 series with amazing women from around the globe!

North Carolina

The friendships, connection and encouragement that was crafted, and shaped during this six week series is one that will last for many years to come. The Path experience and process lends itself to the exploration and imagination of what is possible when women put their mind towards their voice, their story and passion. Gathering each week to focus on personal mission and purpose using The Path tools is one of the best ways to get clear and create movement in your life.


Recent Path Course Participant

“Thank you to the coaches and each woman who participated in The Path Course. It has truly been a special journey for me. We did this via zoom and I felt incredibly inspired and connected each time we met. Having solidified my mission I feel a renewed sense of purpose. I would definitely recommend taking the The Path Course.” Tracy G


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